Elemental deals

You are under no obligation elemental deals continue with chiropractic care after you SHA — it is your health, and it is your choice of what to do to maximise your health. The bow is mostly complete now; all that is left to use a little currency and fossils on it until you are happy with it.

That sounds like the beginning of a pretty sweet quiver, best of luck! Active skill gems.

elemental deals

Seems elemental deals

Overall, using Frostferno is better than not having a second 6-Link, and therefore can serve as a stepping stone to the full late-game if necessary. Related 2. Flame Grill Floor Trap legendary. Gems As we touched on in the Playstyle and Build Mechanics section, the best way to play this build is with two separate Elemental Hit links, as this gives us the flexibility to properly optimize for both clearing and bossing.

Elemental deals
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